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Look through the clips above to see some of the amazing shots (including swerve and masse) you can play with a Twister. All of these clips are for real and can be achieved with the Twister cue stick accessory!

Play swerve and masse shots like the pro's...

Whether it is pool, snooker or billiards, the amazing new Twister™ cue accessory allows anyone to play incredible swerve shots, masse shots and much more - ..just like the pro's.

The cue accessory that makes it easy ...

The Twister™ is a pool, snooker or billiards cue stick accessory designed to fit any pool, snooker or billiards cue. With a little practice, the Twister™ allows anyone to play spectacular shots such as those seen in "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money".

...the pro's like it too

The Twister™ cue accessory has received praise from pro's in the world of pool and snooker including, Loree Jon Jones (8 Times World Pool Champion), Mike Massey (World Trick Shot Champion) and Steve Davis (6 Times World Snooker Champion).