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What the pro's think...

"The Twister will change the game of pool forever."

Loree Jon Jones,

8 times World Pool Champion

"The Twister is really neat! I can work out some new shots with it"

Mike Massey,

12 times World Trickshot Champion

" I love the Twister!"

Jennifer Barretta Ladies Pool Star

"The Twister defies the laws of physics it’s unbelievable!"

Jumping Sammy' Jones

Pool Pro & Jump Shot pioneer

"With the Twister, you don’t have to hit the cue ball so hard and there’s less chance of miscueing. It was fun to use I enjoyed it!"

Steve Davis,

6 times World Snooker Champion

"I strongly recommend that every serious snooker player should keep a Twister in his pocket. You may only use it occasionally, but if a Twister shot can win you a match, a frame or even a 30 break, then it’s well worth having with you."

Barry Pinches - World ranked snooker player