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the BLUE version is designed to fit American Pool cues (up to 14mm - largest diameter), the GREEN is for Snooker cues (up to 11mm - intermediate diameter) and the RED is for English Pool (9mm down to 6mm - smallest diameter). 

NB: These are only general guidelines as the diameter of the taper of cues does vary, so there maybe overlap i.e. the more slender American Pool cues will need the GREEN version, more slender Snooker cues a RED.

If in doubt, to ensure you purchase the best version of the Twister for your cue, we suggest you measure the diameter of your cue at a point between 25-40 mm (1-1.5 ins approx) below the ferrule and tip.  This is the point at which the locking ring mechanism of the TWISTER tightens onto the shaft of the cue.

If your country isn't listed please contact us as we may know of a distributor or retailer not listed on here.

The Twister comes in three colours; blue for Amercian Pool or Carom, Green for Snooker and Red for English 8 Ball or Black Ball.

The Twister also ships with an instructional DVD.

We are currently compiling our list of retailers and distributors throughout the World.

It is likely that we will have a retailer or distributor near you.  Please Contact Us to find your nearest distributor or retailer.